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  • Erika Anne Sauter

    Erika Anne Sauter

    Advanced Behavioral Science Ed. I blog to stay sane.

  • Gabrielle Moss

    Gabrielle Moss

    “I was feeling very depressed, which is how most stories start.” —Amy Heckerling * buy my damn books: https://tinyurl.com/yxd852a2

  • Bella DePaulo

    Bella DePaulo

    “America’s foremost thinker and writer on the single experience,” according to the Atlantic. Author of “Singled Out.” Harvard PhD www.belladepaulo.com

  • Rambling Rose

    Rambling Rose

    I'm not OK. But I’m getting there. Owner, Meld of Minds | ADHDer | Poet-ish

  • Jules Evans

    Jules Evans

    Author of Philosophy for Life and other books. Honorary fellow, Centre for the History of the Emotions. www.philosophyforlife.org.

  • Vern Cooper

    Vern Cooper

    Queer Redneck. PhD Candidate, Film and TV. I write about whatever comes to mind. Black lives matter and no human is illegal.

  • Hotse Langeraar

    Hotse Langeraar

    Born in Europe, arrived in USA and my dreams came true. From commodities to investment banker, I became an author and I’m still dreaming. I write about change.

  • Carol Banks Weber

    Carol Banks Weber

    Jazz Medium©: Feeling the music, one review at a time.

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