A Playlist For Every Kind of Breakup

Photo by Elice Moore on Unsplash

When your heart is broken into a million pieces, sometimes the only thing that helps is a good cry, a screaming session, or dancing in your living room while listening to a thoughtfully curated playlist.

Or maybe you just want to Rain Man that one song over and over again while you cry yourself to sleep.

The narcissist ex

  • See You When You’re 40/Dido

The avoidant partner that puts you in the friend zone…

  • Glory Box/Portishead

…But they don’t want to break up

  • Answer/Phantogram

The ex that cheated

  • I used to love him/Lauryn Hill

The one that ghosted you

  • Let Down/Paris Jackson

It’s over but you’re not ready to move on

  • Teleport 2 Me/Kid Cudi

It’s over and you’re ready to move on

Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash
  • The Truth/Handsome Boy Modeling School

Are there any songs that helped you through the pile of garbage floating on a river of piss that heartache inevitably bestows? List them in the comments!

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