Studies show fashion can treat depression and boost confidence

There’s a reason they call it retail therapy. …

If you don’t mind shameless product placement

Starring Michael Douglas as Sandy Kominsky and Alan Arkin as Norman Newlander, there are many reasons to love The Kominsky Method on Netflix — the social commentary, the satire of modern society, the battle between generations; it’s all wrapped up in a pretty package and sprinkled with wickedly funny one-liners…

The gritty, realistic aspect of the original Roseanne sitcom and The Conners reboot is what I have always both loved and loathed about the show. Of course, even the most realistic sitcom is still a sitcom and not exactly real life. But the shouting and one-liner cut downs felt more…

Live on the edge with these 6 iconic suits

His name is Bond, James Bond, and he’s been sent on a dangerous mission with a license to kill — and look impossibly handsome.

You can take on the world in a good suit.

— Conor McGregor

These James Bond-approved wardrobe essentials are the first step in cultivating the mindset…

Accessorize your dream dress du jour with inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood

“Know first, who you are; and then adorn yourself…accordingly.” — Epictetus

Whatever style and silhouette you choose, use this guide like your own personal stylist to help you find the perfect accessories that accentuate your evening wardrobe.

Pro tip: Keep the colors balanced

When it comes to accessorizing, keep your look balanced by looking for accents…

I didn’t mean to, which made it even more confusing

All I wanted was a shiny new bike, the award for winning first place in an essay contest at my elementary school.

My family was poor, so I never got a new bike for Christmas or birthdays. And by poor I mean running out of food and Dollar Store back-to-school…

8 surprising bubbles of wisdom from Bikini Bottom

At first glance, SpongeBob SquarePants looks like a kid’s show. But au contraire! There are many hidden nuggets of wisdom meant for adults. Here are some surprising life lessons I learned from the iconic series:

1. Take care of your pets

When Gary brings home a stray snail, Spongebob thinks they’re just playing but Patrick isn’t…

Be careful Pete

Whether it’s witnessed by the world or on a small personal scale, breakups and hookups are all the same. And it’s no different with celebrities.

Of course, this is just speculation, but here’s my theory on how the unlikely and random — maybe not so random — romance between Pete…

When your heart is broken into a million pieces, sometimes the only thing that helps is a good cry, a screaming session, or dancing in your living room while listening to a thoughtfully curated playlist.

Or maybe you just want to Rain Man that one song over and over again…

Your newsletter of support and recognition

Leaf blowers of every creed in color — both documented and undocumented — I feel your pain. Any time of year can be especially difficult, with thousands upon thousands of leaves fluttering in the breeze and scattering incessantly all over streets, lawns, and sidewalks across America.

Even when it’s not…

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